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How to Earn from Data Entry Jobs Online?


The Internet is responsible for creating millions of job opportunities at a global level. Internet-based jobs are highly lucrative since they offer a high earning with a not-so-high physical exertion. Online data entry jobs are one of the many opportunities available for people who are not very skilled with a specific task, but are comfortable operating computers and browsing the Internet. These jobs involve typing and are flexible in nature. Websites like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, Elance.com and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook give you an opportunity to bag many such small jobs. Here, I shall show you different data entry jobs and some tips to earn from data entry jobs online.


Top 5 Jobs to Earn Money from Data Entry Jobs

1. Copy and Paste Services

If you know how to copy and paste, you are fit for the job. The good comfort level in operating MS Word/Excel is definitely an added advantage. Good hold on MS office shortcuts can help you improve your speed significantly in this job.

2. Typing Jobs

This job generally involves the conversion of handwritten notes to digital notes in a .txt file or MS Word. Good typing speed plus an eye for detail helps you earn better with such jobs. You can practice on improving your typing speed with online typing speed improvement software before applying for such a task. DataPlus+ and DionDataSolutions are some such companies offering legitimate typing jobs.

3. Filling Online Surveys

This kind of job involves filling up of survey forms for companies that require first-hand user data. This is one of the well-paying online jobs which pays you for giving your opinion and sharing your choices. You get paid for every survey taken and fully completed. Some companies pay you instantly, while others pay when you reach a specific income threshold.

4. Converting Image to Text

If you are comfortable with MS Word and are a formatting pro, this task is for you. Good typing and reading speed help you perform better. Use of image to text converting tools and software can ease your job partly.

5. Medical Transcription (MT) Jobs

Here the job involves converting a recorded medical report into text format. Companies like AccuTranGlobal, TranscribeAnywhere, QuickTate, and Rev are your go-to source for legitimate transcription jobs.

source: thepennyhoarder

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How to Earn from Data Entry Jobs? – Some Hand Tips

  • Beware of Scams: While such jobs are available in plenty, make sure you select a reputable website and research well. Some sources that help you check the legitimacy of the websites include Better Business Bureau and Consumer Fraud Reporting. Being aware of ways to recognize a scam is a pre-requisite for such jobs.
  • Consistency Pays: If you stick to these jobs as a freelancer/full-time professional on a regular basis, you would notice the speed improvement over a period of time. So, the income you earn from data entry jobs will gradually rise.
  • Have the Basics in Place: The basic requirement of such jobs is reliable internet connectivity and ability to type fast. Apart from that, basic computing skills are a must-have too.
  • Careful Reading of Instructions & Training: Every job comes with well-documented basic requirements. You need to be very vigilant while going through the requirements and illustrations so that you can complete the task with minimal errors.

Ready to Earn money from Data Entry Job?

Before taking up the job, ask as many questions as you want to understand the job well. Remember, there are penalty deductions too, so keep yourself aware of situations where you might face payment deductions. These jobs do not require any specific experience or education. However, prior experience and a vigilant approach are certainly helpful, if you aim to earn from data entry jobs online.

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