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How to Make Money from YouTube – A Fool Proof Guide 2017

How to Make money from YouTube Step by Step

This post help you walk through how to make money from YouTube, In the era of the Internet, YouTube is the biggest platform for providing video services to the masses. YouTube is not only a fantastic platform for entertainment and learning, but it can also serve as a monetizing platform if used wisely. Yes, that is right! You can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. The platform has policies and intricacies that you need to familiarize yourself with to make money. YouTube started an online academy to teach you How to earn money from YouTube.

You can follow the given guidelines for tips and tricks on how to make money from YouTube.

YouTube Policies to Monetize Videos

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but only a few successful YouTubers are making a considerable amount of money from YouTube. Making money from YouTube is not everyone’s cup of tea due to several complicated rules and copyright/infringement issues.

Click on this simple guide from YouTube to have a stepwise process of how to enable your account for monetization. Once you are part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can follow a certain set of tips to generate more views which will help you generate more revenue from the platform. It is important that you read all the YouTube Partner Program terms and conditions so that you understand the fine print.

A simple trick to always stay in touch with your account for revenue generation is to make sure that you enroll for receiving constant updates on your Gmail id after you finish reading the terms and conditions form.

In case you want to understand if your video is stepping on some copyright issues, you can refer the official YouTube support page here. watch the Video below to see how easy is the money making on YouTube.

1. Increase views to Make Money from YouTube

Once you are familiar and confident with the YouTube Partner Program policies, you need to make sure that your video content is not violating any policies. After this, the only challenge is to gather a lot of views to generate a considerable amount of revenue from YouTube. You can follow the given tips and tricks to generate a lot of views on YouTube.

  1. Use Relevant Tags:

When you upload a video, the first thing that you want to ensure is that you are using all the relevant tags for the video. For example, if it is a funny video, your tags can be ‘Funniest Video Ever,’ ‘Funny Cat Video,’ ‘Funny,’ ‘Hilarious,’ etc.

The trick to using successful, relevant tags is to think like your audience. Whenever you are writing tags for a video, ask yourself this question, “What will my audience type in the YouTube search bar to reach my video?” There is no harm in using trending topics/words as part of the tags for the video instead these words will help in redirecting a lot of traffic towards your video.

  1. Use Non-Copyright Material:

Copyright and infringement issues are quite common on YouTube, and the platform follows a strict policy against people stepping on these boundaries. YouTube allows monetization of videos that are creative and original. In case you wish to enhance the quality of your video by using a copyrighted video/music/picture you must take permission from the owner of that video.

Most people use songs/music from some other source to add to their music. A simple tool (application) to ensure that you can use the music without copyright issues is to modify it. Use Audacity (Computer Application) to modify a few aspects of the music piece.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Counter a Claim Argument:

A lot of fraudsters on YouTube wait to claim money that is rightfully yours. These people will claim your video saying that the content is somehow related to their videos. If you have studied the YouTube policies properly, you can easily distinguish between original content and the use of copyrighted material.

When these people try to claim your video, you have the option to give into their claim or counter their claim. If you are confident that the video that you have uploaded is your own and you have the relevant documents to use any copyrighted material, you can counter the claim. YouTube will review your claim and grant you back the monetization rights once it finds your case valid.

As you gain more and more popularity on YouTube, the chances are that the ruling will be in your favor in the case of a copyright claim.

  1. Use Interesting Thumbnails and Titles:

This is a no-brainer, and still, most people do not take advantage of a good thumbnail. In the initial stages of your YouTube career, you will not be allowed to select a thumbnail for your video. Instead, one will be automatically selected for it. However, once your video does achieve a particular threshold of views, you can select a particular thumbnail.

Make sure that you are selecting an interesting set of thumbnail images and titles to attract a lot of views.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media is a powerful tool at everyone’s disposal for marketing their YouTube channel. A simple way to ensure that you are making the best use of Social Media marketing is to link your YouTube channel with various social media handles. You can create a Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter Handle with the same name as your YouTube channel to stay in touch with your channel’s subscribers.

A small interesting and positive reinforcement should be provided at the end of each video to ensure that your YouTube channel receives a lot of subscriptions.

  1. Develop SEO Friendly Content for Channel/Video Description:

Writing the channel and video description is as important as selecting the title of the video and the relevant tags. You should include the following details in every video description,

  • A disclaimer policy (taken from the YouTube guidelines) for original content,
  • A plea to the owners of copyrighted material that will state recognition for borrowing the content and removal of content in case the owner is not satisfied with the use. This will help you prevent any copyright strikes on your account. (When you receive three copyright strikes on your YouTube channel, your channel is banned, and you must start over),
  • Relevant details about the video such as music/images/source of information used,
  • Links to your Social media profiles/pages.

While writing the description of your YouTube videos, you should ensure that it is filled with strategically placed keywords that are also part of the relevant tags.

  1. Search for Trending Topics/Genres of Videos:

In case you are a budding YouTuber who wishes to upload new content about a particular genre you should give ample amount of time in research for the video content. You do not want to mislead your audience into believing something that is not well-researched.

When you are confident about your video content, make sure that you switch on the comments/likes feature review on your video. People will tend to watch videos with more views/comments/likes.

  1. Enroll for Paid YouTube Tools/Expert Guidance:

It is quite common for people to invest in professional services to be famous on YouTube. YouTube can also serve as a platform that will help you connect with people who are successful on YouTube. Several famous YouTubers often lend personal help to you in case you ask politely.

Some of the famous YouTubers that you can connect with include, Kiran Voleti, and Mark Robertson. You can watch their YouTube videos to have a fair idea on how to monetize your videos and how to prevent and copyright claim issues.

A good book that you can rely on for extensive YouTube knowledge is An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts by Alan Lastufka and Michael Dean. You can also enroll for a professional level paid course by Matt Kovel who is a renowned YouTuber and former YouTube consultant.

2. Other ways to Make Money from YouTube 

Once you have generated enough views and gathered a lot of subscribers, you can rely on different means to generate revenue. The revenue generated from these methods is usually a lot more than the earnings from the conventional YouTube monetization scheme.

1. Get Sponsorship:

Once you have enough fan following on YouTube, major tech, and merchandise companies will approach you with deals to promote their product. For example, if you are hosting a smartphone review channel, the chances are that companies like Huawei and Motorola approach you for new product promotions.

You can approach these companies yourself after you hit a couple million subscribers on your channel. Not only will these companies sponsor your videos with advertisements but will also give you money to give a positive review on their upcoming product. Some of the famous YouTubers that have collaborated with major companies include MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, Casey Neistat, etc.

2. Launch your Merchandise:

Launching your merchandise is a way of making money from YouTube that is receiving more and more popularity these days. If your channel has a huge fan following, you can launch merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc., about your channel on eBay.

Some of the famous YouTubers known to do this include PewDiePie, Unbox Therapy, etc. Another popular way to attract an audience to your channel includes hosting competitions and giveaways. Popular YouTubers like Casey Neistat and MKBHD are known to give away costly electronic equipment as part of their promotional campaigns. All one needs to do to win a product from the channel is to like their video, subscribe to their channel and follow them on Twitter.

3. Create Sales Advertisement (For Your Product):

Once you have attained a popular status on YouTube, you can not only advertise and promote other products but can also promote your merchandise. Since you have a worldwide reach to millions of people, you can easily promote your merchandise to them.

4. Use Links/Pop-Ups to Your Website (Google AdSense):

Google AdSense is a powerful tool that is used on YouTube to keep track of your revenue from the videos. You can easily multiply your revenue by incorporating pop-up links to your website or do promotion for some other website. You can create subtle pop-ups and include links in the description of the video for viewers to visit that particular web page. Once people start to visit the web page, the website owner will automatically receive benefits with revenue from the views.

A good example of this is the campaign launched by famous YouTubers, The Piano Guys, who have launched their website giving premium access to the visitors.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for famous YouTube celebrities to increase their incomes by promoting websites of importance. Some of the websites that pay you a huge sum of money every time you can successfully redirect Internet users to their websites include,

  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • CJ by Conversant
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • eBay Partner Network
  • ClickBank
  • Avangate

There are chances that these digital marketing firms approach you instead of the other way around, once you are popular on YouTube.

6. Marketing Pay Per Install (PPI) Sites:

Pay, Per Install sites, promote software that helps you earn money each time someone installs their proprietary software. Here are a few good examples of PPI sites that you can approach.

  • InstallMonetizer
  • EarnPerInstall
  • Solimba
  • OpenCandy
  • RevenYou

7. Marketing Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites:

You can create pop-up links for the PPD websites in the similar way that you create links for your websites. Some of the famous PPD websites include,

  • CPALead
  • CleanFiles
  • ShareCash
  • Blue Track Media
  • CPAGrip

Smart Tip to Avoid Problems Associated with Video Monetization

Upload Raw Files (Without Renaming Them):

A straightforward way to ensure that your YouTube video can be instantly monetized without any resistance from YouTube is to upload your videos to YouTube without renaming the files. Ensure that your upload files have the same name in the original recorded format like ‘VID0101’ in the case of Sony Camera devices. This will help you in avoiding disputes over the originality of your videos with the YouTube authorities. Make sure you click on the monetization buttons before you add tags to your video and select the relevant thumbnails. You can follow these simple tips and tricks to monetize your YouTube videos and avoid a dispute/copyright issue.

Hope this post on “How to earn money from YouTube” helped you with some good idea to monetize Videos, If you still have any doubts or need help please feel free to comment below.

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