Earn money from Home

10 Ways to Earn Money from Home Online

Earn Money from Home Online

Technology plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life, affecting the way we live and work. This recent shift has also increased earning opportunities exponentially over the years. Nevertheless, many people are still bewildered by how this powerful technology, the Internet, can actually boost money making opportunities.

Honestly, making money from home online is not very easy. With cutthroat competition and various illegitimate sources, it is challenging to find a genuine source of online income. Often times, unscrupulous internet marketing agents with altruistic intentions extract money from job seekers instead of helping them. So, what is the way to earn money online legitimately? Not just passive income, but a way to earn actively through convenient and legit sources – is exactly what we are looking for.

Noted below are the 10 best and legit means to earn money online from home:

#1: Blogging

Blogs, though exhaustive, is always a good way to earn money from home. However, the biggest catch is to build a blog with the readership. It involves a lot of effort and hard work to come up with a blog that is useful to readers.

When built properly, blogs can generate thousands and thousands of dollars per month. But, it has to be done right! Though it is difficult to get there, nobody regrets the effort taken to build a blog. So, start today and wait for the right moment to cash your opportunity.

#2: Join Legit Websites that Pay

Several websites offer handsome remuneration for various things such as reviewing, shopping, and surveys. There are over hundreds of such companies you can try out and make the most out of it. Some examples are:

  • Opinion Outpost: Post your opinion about a certain subject by taking a paid survey. This is, perhaps, the safest way to earn money from home. The website only sends out surveys to people within a demographic region specific to the research category. Become a member of Opinion Outpost and receive relevant emails. Every time you complete one survey, you earn points. Points are turned into cash.
  • Pinecone Research: Do you like shopping? Well, before a new product hits the shelf, you can give your opinion and make some quick money online. Pinecone gives you an opportunity to evaluate products and earn $3 per survey.
  • Nielsen Research: A leading research service provider with more than 90 years experience, Nielsen Research is the place to be. With a panel combing internet insights and people like us, the company researches to develop consumer opinion, interest and behaviour No additional work or experience – just be yourself and earn money online.

#3: Write an e-Book

If you ever thought of writing but never really had time, the Internet offers galore of opportunities. Select your niche and start writing an eBook. Although the eBook market is saturated, books that give solutions still do well. No investment or massive effort is needed, yet a valued source of passive income.

Sell your eBooks online through Apple iTunes Connect or the popular Amazon Kindle Program. Both have a large network of digital-book reading enthusiasts. Though you do not need lots of money to begin, you have to invest time – to write and market your eBook.

#4: Sell Audiobooks

Audiobooks are so popular these days, especially with technical subjects. Audible with its ACX platform offers a unique opportunity to make your dreams come true. Hire a producer to begin with, and share your royalty program. Eventually, you can earn money home with very little investment. Remember, digital eBooks are losing its value whole audiobooks are picking up. Start investing your time right now.

#5: Micro-Jobs through Mechanical Turk

Amazon offers several earning opportunities to people who want to earn money online. Mechanical Turk is a micro-job opportunity from Amazon. Small odd jobs involving Human Intelligence Task (HIT) is the basic requirement. Therefore, you can take up these super simple jobs like listing off invalid URLs or writing reviews or simply recording a few lines with a microphone. Although they do not pay much, it is a good start.

#6: Join Upwork or 99Designs Professional Team

If you are a professional, join 99Designs or Upwork to offer your services to the online market. However, you must have extensive professional experience in the respective field.

99Designs is a workplace for graphic designers whereas Upwork is a market for all kinds of professional services. Nevertheless, the beginning is always tough as these professional places are a hub of experienced people only. In order to make money, you need a lot of patience to build an impressive record of accomplishment in this highly competitive platform. In order to prove your mettle, find successful profiles in the same niche and model their approach.

#7: Sell on Fiverr

If you are professionally expert in accounting, graphic design, web development, SEO, or Social Media Marketing, you can join Fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can earn $5 per job. In fact, it is one of the biggest providers in this gig economy online where you can sell products and services. Do your research and see what you could offer. However, note that it takes time to make big money on Fiverr. Aim to get stellar reviews for more and more business over time.


#8: Join Udemy

Professionals looking for a passive income from home can join Udemy. Udemy is an innovative platform where teachers can connect with students and vice versa, for various courses. Simply join as a teacher of any listed course, and start teaching. There are no restrictions and you can charge according to norms.

In order to succeed on sites like these, you must work hard and prepare your strategy. As competition is very high with new instructors joining every year, your approach should be noticeable. You have to prepare a marketing strategy and publish on various social media channels for better visibility.

#9: Test Websites

User experience is the key to online business. As a result, more and more companies emphasize on testing their websites before it goes online. A test is essential to pinpoint minute errors, find bugs, ensure perfect navigation, and get a solution.  UserTesting.com is a common platform to connect with testers. Companies upload jobs, and you can simply log in, and try out. Most jobs fetch around $10 within a span of 20 minutes.

#10: Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are an expert in your field of education or business, you can become a virtual assistant too. When businesses cannot afford to hire a permanent assistant, they depend on the virtual world. Virtual assistants are capable of handling all kinds of work, including event management and planning, travel arrangements, correspondence, and support.

Before you begin, make sure you research thoroughly to find secure and legit sources of online jobs.

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